Machines are brilliant at understanding digital data.

But until now they have lacked the ability to smell, taste & feel

Welcome to the age of Sensory Intelligence

Unlocking nature’s own operating system

Sensory Intelligence enables living organisms to interact with and make sense of their natural environments. This is what allows us to recognise something as floral, as sweet, as soft...

At the heart of this intelligence are the multi-sensorial, thermodynamic phenomena that take place at the interface between organic matter and liquids.


The Liquid Brain®

We have built the first ever machine that uses Sensory Intelligence. Our liquid-state device adds this new multi-dimensional intelligence to medical research and material design.

Our Liquid Brain is possible thanks to the recent discovery of nonlinear Lucassen waves, which enable the neuron-like behaviour in complex molecules when they interact with sensory data.

The first machine that understands sensory data

Capture the unique sensory fingerprints of complex molecules and formulations. “Feel” if something is drug-like, sweet or contaminated without any strenuous analysis.

Map complex materials according to their biophysical properties. Compare the way that different molecules bend, ripple, float and dissolve.

Predict the biophysical characteristics of previously untested molecules. Design safe new drugs and delicious foods, at speed and at scale.

Our Investors:

Our Investors:

Working to create a world of material abundance

We believe that by harnessing Sensory Intelligence we will be able to build a new, sustainable world of plenty.

This world will be directed by our embodied needs and desires, not the logic of unfeeling data.


Join a team working at the frontier of physics, computing and material design

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