The Science of Apoha

We bring together insights from thermodynamics, neuroscience, computer science and material science.

Here are a few of the key concepts behind what we’re building.

Sensory Intelligence

Sensory Intelligence

Sensory Intelligence refers to the high-dimensional, instant processing of natural stimuli exhibited by chemical and biological systems using a minimal amount of computing power.

For instance, a silicon computer would need 10 billion watts—the equivalent of the entire Danish grid—just to replicate what your brain does every second. Imagine sucking on a lemon, and trying to turn that into simple code.

You can’t. That’s because every biological being is a sensory supercomputer. It’s time to learn from nature’s own operating system.

Sensory Data

Sensory Data

Inspired by nature, we believe that the key to sensory intelligence lies in the information processing capability of complex materials, i.e. those materials with the capacity for rich phase behaviour and temporal dynamics.

We have shown that such materials can be tuned to generate spiking activity similar to that of neurons. This is possible thanks to the discovery of nonlinear Lucassen waves.

When tuned and brought into contact with a sample, this sensorial embedding directly ‘feels’ the mesoscopic non-equilibrium thermodynamic states of a sample.

This high-dimensional sensory data—in the form of thermodynamic states—is the most accurate source of physico-chemical information available to us.

Liquid Brain

Liquid Brain®

To be able to ‘read’ these thermodynamic states, we use a liquid processing core.  We refer to this technology as a Liquid Brain. It is a complex colloidal mixture that converts physico-chemical stimuli into spiking patterns, encoding the sensory fingerprint of any material.

Given access to this human-readable sensory data, researchers can compare, measure and map the material behaviour of different samples—from viscosity to solubility—with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

This unlocks material perception in machines and leads to a world where material and drug discovery is democratised. It will be the first tool in a new age of sustainable, material abundance.

The Liquid Brain will be to materials what GPS was to travel: a foundational tool that lets us navigate to new, uncharted territories.

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